Bouncy Ball (3 PCS)



Ball Diameter 25mm Feather Length 80-100mm
Net Weight:11.0g/pcs × 3pcs
Silica Gel / Feather
  • A Magical Bouncy Ball + Feather Combination: Toss it against any hard surface to see it bounce and watch your cat chase it down! Increase interaction and enjoy time with your kitten. Restricted by feathers, it would no longer roll underneath a cabinet and disappear from sight.
  • The Cat Toy for Indoor Fun. Our toy balls keep your cats engaged, active, and entertained. It is specifically developed to tap into every cat’s hunting instinct as it moves like a real prey.
  • Silica-Gel Ball: It is made of environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, high-quality silicone with outstanding elasticity.
  • Natural Chicken Feathers: The feathers are natural chicken feathers without dyeing ingredients. They are safe and non-toxic, so there is no need to worry about mistaken consumption by a cat.
  • [Size (of 1 Ball)] Diameter 2.5 cm, Height 10 cm, Weight 12 g

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